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Ashton Mason

Ashton Mason


Ashton roams the streets of London, where he shoots mainly street photography and photojournalism. However a large part of his heart is still in Cape Town, and he daydreams of returning to shoot classic black and white landscape shots of Southern Africa.
Chery Sven

Chery Sven


Chery currently lives and works in London, but originally hails from Cape Town.
Alan Millar

Alan Millar


Alan lives in Cape Town, South Africa, which is nice for him. The primary purpose of his photographs is to try to share those of his perceptions that he feels may be intriguing or enlightening to others.


I’d got a pre-wedding photo shoot done from you guys and boy, the photos are amazing! Every photograph brings out who both of us really are – fun loving, jolly individuals! And everything from the setup, the props to the photographer himself was just perfect!

Steven C. Davis


Whatch Our


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Things beginners should know about photography

Beautiful photography is a combination of creativity, talent, and hard work. If you have a passion towards photography and if you want to take it up as your career there are certain things you should know before starting. There are lots of techniques to learn, and you need to have a lot of patience all the way. There are no shortcuts to becoming a professional photographer; everything comes with practice and hard work. The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind as a beginner in photography:

Take it slow:

Like mentioned above there are no shortcuts in becoming a professional photographer you got to take it slow and steady. Try to learn the basics and master them.

You will first have to learn how to handle the camera and focus it on the object you want to photograph. There are different types of photography, try to analyse what type you want to do and concentrate on that. No one is going to get a perfect shot right at the first time. You got to keep practising and slowly develop into a professional photographer.

Be open to learning:

Every beginner should be open to learning. You might already know many things about photography, but still, there might be a technique which you might have never heard of. You can watch how other photographers shoot their pictures and learn from them. You can also go around reading books and practising many techniques you have learned to shoot better photographs.

Understand that you don’t need the latest gadgets and types of equipment to make beautiful photos:

Just because someone has a fancy camera, it does not mean that they are good photographs and that their photos are top notch. All you need is a camera which works. If you want to make your images better, you will need hard work and practice. So as a beginner do not go out there and buy expensive equipment thinking that your pictures will become better.

Understand how lights will alter your photographs:

Once you have mastered the concept of exposure and focus you need to start learning about how light makes a great impact on your photography. Start to notice how light falls on objects and how you can capture that object in the best way. You can also see paintings and learn how artists have used light to brighten up their picture.

Learn the rules:

It is a known fact that rules are written so that they can be broken. As a photographer, you are not bound to anything, and your imagination can flow like a river. So try to learn the rules so that you can break them on purpose. Learn the rules so that you will know the theoretical concepts but go ahead and break it cause you can make better photographs with your own ideas.

Control Your Data Usage With The Help Of The Monitoring Applications

The Monitoring ApplicationsThe apps help in detecting various unwanted apps which reduces the battery life of the smartphones. You can take the help of these applications to monitor all the usage of the cellular network and Wi-Fi data.

History of the internet usage and many programs are easily available in the data monitoring applications.

Users can access this application for getting the right amount of notifications about the daily data exhausted in the device.

The notifications are based on the daily data usage where the users can know about all the particular details of the cellular data.

The requirement varies differently depending on the smartphone as these applications can be easily downloaded on the android device without facing any problems.

The best thing about the mobile data monitoring applications is it helps in turning off the mobile data automatically when the maximum amount of data is exhausted.

The application supports 4G connections and Wi-Fi connections which are very trending among the latest smartphones.

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The main benefit of accessing the monitor application is it can give the exact map location where the data has been used which is unique and impressive.

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With a good connection of the cellular data, it can help the users to detect certain problems which are linked with the smartphones.

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