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So your big day is finally coming up and you would love for the wedding party as well as other guests to have a good time at the event?

Renting a photo booth for your wedding is one way to automatically ensure that there will be plenty of fun.

If you are still undecided about whether or not to spend your budget money on renting wedding photo booths, read on to find out the amazing reasons why you should have at least a photo booth at your marriage ceremony.

Wedding Photo Booth Couples

  1. Wedding photo booths are so much fun

You want your wedding guests to have so much fun, then you should definitely make sure you’ve got the photo booths at your big event.

Everybody will like the party-like experience of eating, dancing, catching up with relatives and friends, and definitely getting their photos taken.

And mind you photo booths can be made even more fun by adding props such as ‘team groom’ or ‘team bride’ signs, hashtag signs, wigs, hats, cigars, fake mustaches and so on.

  1. Photo booths capture special happy moments and liven up the mood

Having a professional photographer is obviously the way to go if you want the most stunning photos for your wedding album.

However, if you want to collect some fun photos of groups of people having a blast at your wedding, getting a wedding photo booth is the way to go.

Also, people are forced to smile when they get into the booths and that just elevates the mood of the place.

So a photo booth will not only capture nice moments but also create a nice vibe at your wedding.

  1. Renting photo booths will make your event memorable

Your tuxedo or bridal gown may be looking fantastic, your wedding cake may taste absolutely good, or the sweetness of your vows may wow the crowd, but there is no better way to ensure that your wedding is etched in the memories of your guests than renting a wedding photo booth.

This is because wedding photo booths allow your wedding party and all other guests to get nice photos of themselves that they can take home.

Allowing your guests to take home such special keepsakes that they can add to their coffee table albums will make sure your event stays etched in their minds.

  1. Photo booths allow you to get an additional set of photos

Your guests will love posing and using props at the photo booth. This will help capture plenty of fun photos to add to your wedding album.

It will be fun for you to review such photos during your honeymoon. The mustaches, wigs, hats, and poses in your photo booth album or gallery will surely put a smile on your face.

Moreover, looking through such photos will enable you to see the kind of fun your family, relatives, and friends were up to on your wedding day.

  1. An open-air photo booth allows you to get professional quality photos

Photo booths are good but open air photo booths are even better.

An open-air photo booth will allow your photographer to set up the lighting and equipment just right and to get many high-quality pics for your official wedding album.

Because it is an open air photo booth, the guests will be naturally smiling and posing in fun ways making such photos even much more exciting.

  1. They are a great source of entertainment for all ages

Photo booths will keep your guests entertained, trust us. But they are even better because guests of all ages love them.

You will see everyone from your grandpa to youngest kids having a blast in the photo booth.

This is one of the most popular reasons why people insist on having photo booths especially at their wedding receptions; they keep guests entertained throughout.

  1. Wedding video booths can make everything much better

In most cases, weddings are such packed events for the bride and the groom.

They may have time to say hi to guests but not much time as they often have so many things to do. If you expect your wedding to be this way, consider getting a video booth rather than a photo booth.

Prompt your guests to record themselves saying anything they would like to tell you. You will definitely be amazed by their responses and by how sweet some people can be in front of the camera when reviewing the videos later.


As it is evident from the reasons above, renting a photo booth/video booth for your wedding is totally worth it.

This is because it will make your wedding fun and give your guests keepsakes in the form of fun photos to take home.