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One of the most famous advocates for black and white photography was Ted Grant. According to him, color photographs essentially capture the clothes, while black and white photographs capture the souls.

The same can be said for pet photography.

Color photographs usually seem to be all about how the pet looks. This is in contrast to black and white pictures that almost always seem to have a deeper meaning and to be more profound.

In this blog, we are going to share with you the reasons why we think that black and white pet photography is generally better than color pet photography. You can use the information we provide to become a better pet photographer or to insist on black and white photos for your pet’s photo shoot.

Here are the reasons why black and white pet photography is better:

Black White Animal Fotografy TIGER

  1. Color is almost always a distraction

The essence of photography is to capture emotions, mood or feelings. The best pet photographs are those that capture their emotions out in the open or their general happiness when with their owner. These types of photographs are usually in black and white.

This is because black and white shoots distance the resulting photos from colors. This distancing often results in photos with no distractions. Photos that focus/ concentrate on the pet and nothing else.

Photos that demonstrate the essentials of photography such as line and shapes, negative space, and contrasting light.

Such photos are more likely than not to be better than color photographs.

  1. Black and white pet photos are quickly regarded as artistic creations

Most pet photographers usually want to be recognized as good professionals who know what they are doing. This is why one of the best things that can happen to a pet photographer is to be recognized at an exhibition.

However, colored pet photos are less likely to get recognized. This is because most color photographs usually seem like an attempt to reproduce reality.

In contrast, black and white photos often seem to create a new reality of the same intensity. Photos without any distraction. Photos that ensure that viewers are able to appreciate all the key essentials of photography. Such photos are more likely to be regarded as art and to get you recognized.

  1. Black and white photos are classics

The masters of photography of the yesteryears really regarded black and white photos as the epitome of good photography. This is because they thought that such photos are classics and this is true.

Therefore, to make your photos timeless or classic, all you have to do is to shoot them or set them in black.

Classic pet photos will always be in “fashion” and can be sold for a long time.

  1. Black and white photos can add mood or emotion

Deep contrasts, rich blacks, and variance of tonal ranges in black and white photos often appeal to the mind at an emotional level. They help to add mood or emotion even to photos that may be of pretty normal stuff.

Thus, if you want to shoot pet photos that will make people linger around your photos at an exhibition, shoot them in black and white. They will get the attention they deserve.