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Although a joint boudoir session with your significant other may sound a bit awkward, it can be a very romantic experience between the two of you.

In this post, we explore boudoir photography for couples, why couples choose to do it, and the things that a photographer can do to create the perfect couples boudoir images.

Boudoir Photography Couples

What Exactly Is Boudoir Photography for Couples?

Boudoir photography for couples is any kind of photo shoot that involves partners. Essentially, such photo shoots are meant to rekindle passion, bring back chemistry, or enhance existing connection between partners.

In some cases, couples go for very erotic boudoir photo shoots including some that depict them in passionate lovemaking.

However, in the majority of cases, things are usually much simple and much less X-rated. Normally, the male partners just strip to their boxers, while the women put on some sexy lingerie for boudoir shoots.

For photographers, boudoir photography is all about capturing the emotions and the feelings couples share for each other using a camera.

Obviously, there is a lot that goes into setting the camera, the lighting, the background, and so on but the purpose of doing all these things is to capture the feelings shared between a couple.

Why Do Couples Do Boudoir Photography Together?

At our studio, we often do boudoir photography for couples almost every other month. We try our best to accurately capture the love shared by couples.

To ensure that we meet our clients’ expectations, we don’t just go in blindly, we ask our clients about their expectations and discuss every important detail before we start the shoots.

It is through asking our clients about their expectations that we have come to discover that there are many reasons why couple do such shoots besides the thrill. Here are some of the reasons.

  1. To Capture The Most Intimate Moments

For most couples, stripping down to bare necessities and being photographed looking into each other or just lying down in bed is the best way to capture the intimacy they share. This is usually one of the main reasons for doing boudoir photo shoots.

  1. To Look Extremely Beautiful Together

Models look really good on the covers of magazines. A lot of effort goes into such kinds of shoots. A professional boudoir photo shoot will also result in a similar kind of result. You will both look extremely beautiful together especially if you work with a professional and experienced photographer for your boudoir shoot.

  1. To Spend Time Together

This is the third most popular reason why couples book boudoir photo sessions. So instead of going for a picnic or to see a movie, some couples choose to spend their free time by doing boudoir photo shoots. It usually takes about three hours. Those are three hours sharing time and creating memories together.

Pro Tips for Photographers

As a photographer, you can create the perfect boudoir images for your clients by establishing boundaries, building rapport with your clients, and preparing adequately with the right tools, equipment, and software.


Boudoir photography for couples is all about showing affection and intimacy among couples. There are so many reasons to take such photos including to spend time together, to look beautiful, and to capture intimate moments.