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The Monitoring ApplicationsData monitoring apps are becoming more crucial especially for professionals such as photographers and others who use mobile data to upload images to their cloud storage accounts.

Not controlling your smartphone’s or your camera’s data usage could result in losing plenty of data that you may have not intended to lose that way, or in the loss of your work through hacking.

In this post, we explain the usefulness of data monitoring apps to photographers and to people in general.

Continue reading to find out more about why a data monitoring app may be the best software you ever installed in your smartphone or camera (yes, there are cameras that can wirelessly upload images through Wi-Fi or smartphone tethering).

Some of the ways that data monitoring Apps can help you include:

  1. Preventing the loss of work through hacking or unwanted apps

When agreeing to app permissions when installing any App, you usually give Apps access to some storage sites on your phone. Most Apps require this kind of access to function optimally.

However, not all apps are what they claim to be. Some Apps may be helping you to do one thing while in the background they are uploading your photos or images to some other site.

It is not easy to tell such Apps if you are not an expert. However, through the use of a data monitoring App, you can easily tell suspicious Apps by tracking data usage. #

For example, if you are seeing a spike in data usage in App X and you have not used it recently, then that is definitely a red flag and you can either delete it or find out more about that particular App online.

  1. Can help you save money

Data can be expensive. This is especially true if your work particularly involves uploading data-heavy, high-resolution images.

Therefore, any app that is secretly consuming your data is a no-no. You can tell such Apps using a data monitoring App. Some of the most common culprits include Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and online games.

By tracking the Apps that consume a lot of data, you can either delete them or limit their data usage. By doing so you can limit your overall data consumption and save data for work. And it goes without saying that the lower the mobile data you consume the lower your monthly data bill will be.

  1. They can tell you which apps are draining your phone battery

monitor applicationThe biggest data consumers on your smartphone are also usually the biggest battery power drainers.

Quite a number of data monitoring Apps can also track battery consumption helping you know which Apps are making you to charge your phone frequently.

You can then disable these Apps when you are not using them to save your smartphone battery power when you are not using it.

  1. You can use them to set daily or monthly data consumption limits

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t want to consume mobile data beyond a certain daily or monthly limits.

For example, you can limit yourself to using not more than 15GB per month because of financial reasons or company policies.

When you set a 15GB limit on your phone, you will be able to do your work worry-free because you know for sure that you will get a notification when you are close to reaching your limit.


Data monitoring Apps can help you to turn things around pretty quickly. They can help you to control your data, to track your data consumption, to save money, to limit data consumption, and to prevent illegal access to your work.

Apart from smartphones, some cameras can also be connected to the internet. If you can download apps to such cameras, make sure you download a data monitoring app for the same reasons mentioned above.