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When planning a wedding ceremony, there are usually lots of things to take care of.

Unfortunately, couples and amateur wedding planners often forget some important things leading to disastrous consequences.

While it may be difficult to forget to hire a professional wedding photographer, many people often do not write wedding photography contracts.

A wedding photography contract is an important legal document that you should definitely draft and sign in conjunction with your photographer.

The contract essentially sets out the terms and conditions you and the photographer have agreed to.

It includes details like the total price, terms of payment, deliverable items and dates, long-term image rights, and failure to comply clauses.

From the details we have mentioned above, it is easy to see that the document is meant to protect you. It also protects the photographer.

So in case you happen to be a part-time of photographer or a professional photographer reading this, know that you should also insist on a wedding photography contract to protect yourself.

To ensure that the contract you are signing provides you with the maximum protection and safety, follow the tips below:

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  1. Make sure the contract contains all the basic information

In other words, you need to make sure that the contract is indeed a contract.

Contracts without basic details may be deemed as invalid in case of a dispute. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that all the basic details are included.

The basic details that should definitely be included in the contract are: the names of the parties to the contract (your name, the name of your fiancé and the name of the photographer), the contact details and the addresses of the parties, a description of the service to be rendered, the date and time the service will be rendered, and the signatures of all the parties to the contract alongside the date of signing.

These basic details are what will make the contract a valid contract with all the legal protections.

Wedding Photography Contract

  1. Describe the deliverable items

The deliverable items clause in the wedding photography contract is perhaps the most important clause especially for the guys getting married.

This is because it is the clause that sets expectations. It captures the specific items to be delivered.

Simply put, it tells the photographer what he or she should do and it tells the couple what they are in for.

In some cases, photographers have pre-built packages. However, since it is your wedding, good photographers often allow their customers some degree of customization.

So if you want some types of photos or some type of editing or post-processing make sure your demands are included in the contract to avoid disappointments or disagreements.

  1. State the hours of work and total price

It is important to agree on the expected hours of work. This is mutually beneficial for the couple getting married and the photographer.

It is important for the couple because it allows for organization and it provides certainty that certain special moments will be captured regardless of whatever happens.

Setting the hours of work is important for the photographer as it provides a firm exit time that has to be respected by the client regardless of how long into the night the reception party goes on.

Setting the hours of work is important especially for setting the price.

This is crucial to prevent the photographer from asking for more than is expected for doing work that they may consider extra, and it is important for the photographer to ensure for the payment of work done.

  1. Set the delivery period and agree on the image rights

The benefits of setting a firm final delivery date are obvious. If you want to get your album or a set of images by a certain date, make sure you agree on the date with the photographer and that the agreed date is included in the contract.

In copyright law, image rights often remain with the creator (photographer).

If you want to use your wedding photos for something commercial in nature in the future, make sure, you agree on the transfer of rights in the contract so that upon delivery you will be able to do anything you want with your images.


Contracts are very important. They protect the couple to be married from shoddy work, unprofessionalism, lawsuits (for infringing on copyrights), and from the delayed delivery of finished products.

While for wedding photographers, they provide certainty of payment, protection from overworking, and protection from copyright infringement.

However, everyone should note that despite contracts appearing to be adversarial in nature, it is crucial to ensure that the document you come up with offers mutual protection so that the parties involved are happy and work together to ensure the success of the wedding photography.

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