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If you haven’t been living under a rock in the last couple of years, then you have probably come across nude photography in some form.

They are kind of ubiquitous nowadays, especially on social media.

From female nude photography to pregnancy nude photography, there are so many pics of individuals in the nude on the internet.

Nude Photography Sexy Model

But why is nude photography suddenly all the rage?

What draws people to such kind of photography? And isn’t it just some sort of immoral porno?

Well, there is something most marketers know like the back of their hands and that is the fact that sex sells. Just think of most of the popular advertisements, movies, or music videos you have seen. You have probably seen some form of nakedness or insinuation of sex.

Putting people dressed in a suggestive manner or doing suggestive things in advertisements usually excites targeted markets and appeals to many people.

Nude photography is kind of the same thing. It has become so popular because it creates an excitement.

It creates excitement because many people are curious about bodies about how we all look when we don’t have layers of clothes on. Most people also become excited about nude photos because of the knowledge that they are looking at something that society expects to be private.

On social media, one can get more followers and more engagement from people by posting a nude pic as opposed to posting a photograph of themselves doing something outdoors.

The more one posts such pics, the more people will discover that person and the more famous he or she will become. So for most people, nude photos are about creating excitement and hoping that the excitement results in fame and popularity.

In some cases, the increase in popularity and fame usually results in money in the form of paid endorsements. One can approach or can be approached by brands or individuals to promote a business by visiting that business or posting something about that business on their social media or blog. And most businesses usually pay good money for such exposure.

For photographers, nude photography is a form of art. It is more challenging because one has to find the right balance so that the end result is not just a nude pic but a tasteful photograph that makes an audience more fascinated about the model/ individual photographed and the photographer behind the pic.

There is also a lot of money to be made with this kind of photography. Tasteful and truly creative nude photographs can attract good attention and many potential buyers in exhibitions.

They can also attract a good number of followers on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. The right number of followers can, in turn, be monetized for maximum benefit.

Below are the major types of nude photography. Read on to find out important details about the types of photography and how each one is different from the other.

Types of Nude Photos

  • Nude art photography

Sexy Model Nude FotosNude art photography is all about taking tasteful shots of models that are free of clothes. It is about creating pictures that makes the mind wander a bit and evoke certain emotions.

Most of the time, people use clothes to judge others, to associate them to a certain culture, or way of life. This usually leads to most people judging others wrongly or focusing on things other than the person himself or herself.

Nude art photography is all about stripping off that sort of judgement by presenting the person in his or her birthday suit. When this is done, what is left are the emotions of the model captured in the shot and the feelings that come with that emotion.

Perfect nude art photographs elicit emotions and make people think beyond the pic that is before them.

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  • Nude male photography

Nude male photography is not as popular as female nude photography. However, it is even much more exciting as a form of art. This is because males have even bigger issues about their physiques and the size of their body parts than women. Thus, seeing a man in his nude and sometimes without any cover for his member usually results in deeper thought than anything else.

Of course, nude male photography can also be done through creatively covering up the man’s member. There are also other times when male fitness models get nude photos of themselves taken to show off as much muscle as possible.

Regardless of how the pictures are taken, nude male photographs will also often elicit pure emotions in many viewers.

  • Fine art nude photography

Naked Model being PaintedThe likes of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Bill Brandt, and Helmut Newton are some of the most renowned nude art photographers.

There is massive interest in fine art nude photography. This is because it is a very precise and challenging art that demands maximum dedication and discipline by the photographer for perfect shots and final products.

Considering that most people have already seen most types of nude shots, it is imperative for an aspiring fine art nude photographer to push himself or herself and to use every creative fibre in their body to capture and edit images that can be considered as art.

To create uniquely gratifying fine art nude photographs, the photographer and the model must be in tune.

  • Erotic nude photography

Erotic nude photographs are the kind of photographs you will see on Playboy and Penthouse magazines.

Essentially, any type of photography with a high enough degree of nakedness to specifically elicit sexual emotions is erotic nude photography.

That’s is just what it is. So in women, it may just go beyond simply not having clothes to exposing breasts and private parts. In men, it may also reveal private parts.

Sometimes, there is little exposure of private parts but maximum suggestive positioning to create images that elicit sexual emotions.

Erotic nude photography requires the highest level of professionalism and focus from both the photographer and the model to guarantee success.

  • Female nude photography

Female nude photography is perhaps the most popular form of nude photography. It has been popularized and normalized by the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebs who have taken nude photographs that have gone viral and ended up breaking the internet.

Most of the photographs you will see online on social media and on blogs are the results of simple female nude photography. Sometimes the photos are taken using iPhones or just simple cameras. Other times the shots are taken using advanced cameras. However, almost all the times, such photos are usually taken for display on social networking platforms.

Female nude photography is a potentially good source of revenue for the model and for the individual doing the photography.

  • Pregnancy nude photography

Pregnancy nude photographyPregnancy nude photographs are increasingly becoming a popular form of nude photography. You have probably seen one before. Most young expectant women have it in their things to do before the baby is born list.

Pregnancy significantly changes the female body. It is also a very emotionally challenging period. These are some of the reasons why many people take pregnancy nude shots. They want to capture these trying periods in pictures to remember this stage of their lives.

Perfect pregnancy nude photographs are works of art. The typical pregnancy nude photography shot is that of an expectant mother covering her breasts with one hand and the other hand touching the underside of the baby bump. The shots are usually taken closer to full-term when the bump is almost at its biggest size.

Other tips to make you a better photographer

As it is evident in the information provided above, there are many types of nude photography; all serving a different type of purpose.

If you are an aspiring photographer, you need to know the differences so that you can take the right kind of shots that resonate with your audience and followers.

Nothing will kill your budding photography career faster than mixing things up unknowingly or doing things by guesswork.

You need to be smart, to read as much as possible about your favorite form of nude photography, to regularly check out what other quality photographers are posting, and to find your own original approach to your favorite form of nude photography.

Below are some tips to help you become a better nude photographer.

Between Black and White Nude Photography and Colour Nude Photography

Most of the times, nude photos are usually taken in color. This is because the main purpose is to show the model in their raw and most natural form. After all, the purpose of nude photography is to strip away clothes and every other material thing that would bring bias.

However, shooting in color can be discomforting for some models. Remember, not everyone is comfortable in their own skin.

That’s why we’ve got a multibillion-dollar cosmetics industry. Even the most beautiful women may have some blemishes on their skin that they not want you to capture in your shots.

To get the model on your side and to work in tune with her, you should shoot in black and white. She will probably be more confident about her appearance and subsequent shots will definitely be outstanding.

Black and white shots also usually present a whole new concept. They are more about the shape of the model, the shadows, and the lighting and less about the model’s skin and blemishes.

Differentiating between Commercial Nude Photos & Porno Pics

Many new photographers and nude models are usually conflicted about doing nude shots.

This is because most people and societies are yet to accept nude photography and those who do not know about it automatically assume that it is some sort of soft porn. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The two are very distinct things; one is art and the other is not art.

To ensure that you differentiate the two as a photographer, there are two things you need to do. You need to make your pictures tasteful, and you absolutely need not to show any type of sexual act.

To take tasteful pictures, you’ve got to be creative with your background, your lighting, the model’s pose, and things like that. These things must combine to make the end result artful.

The second thing is pretty obvious, you’ve have to desist from showing sexual acts for your photos to be just nude photos.

Although nude photos can show private parts, they are usually not exactly explicit. However, if one ends up taking a photo that not only explicitly expose private parts but also show a sexual act, the photo becomes a pornographic image by definition.

So always remember the two things; make your photos creative and artful and avoid showing explicit images of sexual parts or acts.

Importance of Amateur Nude Photography

Amateur nude photography is extremely important for those who want to move to the next level of professional photography.

It is as an amateur nude photographer that you will be able to develop your own distinctive style of photography without any restrictions. All professionals need to start somewhere and as a photographer, this is the stage where you will start your work.

Make sure you master the basics at this level and get everything you need to prepare for success.

Amateur Nude Photography


Nude photography is a special art form. Unlike porn pics, nude photographs are supposed to be tasteful and to focus on evoking emotions and deeper thoughts.

There are many different types of nude photography including female nude photography, male nude photography, fine art nude photography, and pregnancy nude photography. Shooting photographs in color may make some models uncomfortable.

If your model is uncomfortable go for black and white shots. They are also sometimes better than color in that they also strip away judgement due to skin blemishes or color.

If you are new to photography, you will need to begin from the amateur nude photography level. Make sure you learn everything at this level before proceeding to the next level.