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Ashton Mason

Ashton Mason


Ashton roams the streets of London, where he shoots mainly street photography and photojournalism. However a large part of his heart is still in Cape Town, and he daydreams of returning to shoot classic black and white landscape shots of Southern Africa.
Chery Sven

Chery Sven


Chery currently lives and works in London, but originally hails from Cape Town.
Alan Millar

Alan Millar


Alan lives in Cape Town, South Africa, which is nice for him. The primary purpose of his photographs is to try to share those of his perceptions that he feels may be intriguing or enlightening to others.


I’d got a pre-wedding photo shoot done from you guys and boy, the photos are amazing! Every photograph brings out who both of us really are – fun loving, jolly individuals! And everything from the setup, the props to the photographer himself was just perfect!

Steven C. Davis


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How to Get Outstanding Fitness Model Photo Shoot

People have been doing fitness model photoshoot since a few years after the invention of the camera.

We all love to look good in front of the camera when our muscles are bulging as men or our abs are showing as women.

However, not every photo shoot usually ends up as a success

Outstanding Fitness Model Foto ShootThe difference between a photo shoot ending up as a success or as a disaster is the professionalism of the guy behind the camera.

However, no matter how professional the photographer may be, an uninformed model/ athlete will also most probably spoil a photo shoot.

And believe you me, you do not want to spoil your photo shoot just because of inexperience.

To help you get to prepare adequately for your photo shoot, we have collected a few tips from our own experience and from the internet archive.

We know that with these tips, you should be able to effortlessly to have an outstanding fitness models photo shoot.

  1. Exercise intensely

This point really is one of those that goes without saying. You cannot just waltz to a photo shoot and expect to look spectacular.

Nothing comes that easy. You’ve got to work for the look you want. You’ve got to put in all effort. In fact, you’ve got to train as if your life depended on it. This intensity you put into your training will show on your physique.

But also don’t forget to have rest in between. You don’t want to burn out a week or days before your shoot date.

So in a nutshell, you need to train hard to make sure that your muscles are bulging as much as they can but don’t overdo it to avoid burning out.

  1. Stay healthy

Training is necessary but so is staying healthy. If it is training do it thoroughly and intensely but also safely.

Your body is your temple; it is your workplace. You’ve got to protect it from all types of hazards.

So don’t lift too much or don’t risk injury just because you want to look big. Just do your best and trust yourself.

Apart from training safely, you also have to eat a balanced diet. An unbalanced diet may spoil everything.

If you haven’t been sleeping for more than eight hours then you should think about doing just that, especially in the weeks before your shoot.

Sleep will transform your looks and make you look more relaxed and in control.

Lastly, drink copious amounts of water in the weeks to encourage more fat loss and to clear your skin.

Significantly reduce your water intake the 48 hours before your shoot. This will encourage your body to absorb all water internally from your muscles to give you a hard, dry look.

Read about principle of fitness fotography practice here

  1. Practice, practice, practice

If you have done photo shoots before, well and good. You already know what is expected of you.

But if you have never done photo shoots before, then you’ve got no option but to practice if you want to look outstanding in your fitness models photo shoots.

To practice, check out your photographer’s previous work and try to imitate the poses of his or her models.

Imitate the poses severally during the day so that they become kind of second nature to you. If you do it enough number of times, you will look very natural in front of the camera and your pics will surely reflect your confidence.

So the take message here is that you need to practice. If you can’t access your photographer’s portfolio ask him or her.

If you can’t get them yet, look at fitness photo shoots for your gender and practice them in front of your gym mirror to try and get them right.

  1. Get the right gear and location

Right Photography Gears and LocationsAs mentioned before, your body probably needs a lot of work for you to look outstanding in your photos.

You might be already in good form and you might be feeling nice about how you look but you do not need to slack off.

The same kind of thing goes for your clothes and shoes.

You need to get the right kind of fitting clothes and shoes to look your best in your photos. Shoes maketh a man (and woman too).

Get the kind of shoes that you will be proud seeing yourself wearing on a magazine. In terms of clothes, spoil yourself and get yourself some nice training apparel. You will look absolutely fantastic especially if it is one of the major sporting brands such as Nike, Puma, or Adidas.

  1. Tell your photographer what you want

If you are the one who is contracting the photographer to do a shoot for you, don’t assume that he or she has some sort of magical powers to tell what you want.

Tell him everything you want and even show him if you have samples on your phone or laptop.

Tell him why you want the photos and then give him the time to work his magic. You will probably be impressed by the results.

Principles of Best Fitness Photoshoot

Taking selfies in the gym will not adequately show off your entire body in all its glory. A professional photo shoot, on the other hand, definitely will.

In this post, we will cover the best fitness photoshoot ideas for athletes and for photographers.

Regardless of whether you are usually in front of the camera or behind it, the tips and ideas in this post will help make you work much easier. So without wasting your precious time, let’s get right into the post.

Below are five professional tips to make you look swell in your fitness photo shoot:

Best Fitness Photoshoot

  1. You should be in tip-top condition

As an athlete, you should know that your body is your work. It might be a previous competition photo that might have interested a photographer or a brand to work with you.

Therefore, several weeks before the actual shoot, you should work out as hard as you have ever worked to look your absolute best during the shoot.

This will not only automatically make your photos look good but will also ensure that there is no suitable replacement that can do what you are going to be paid to do.

Moreover, as an athlete, you should get plenty of rest the night before the shoot. You do not want to have bloodshot eyes or eye bags on the day of your shoot.

  1. Be ready for the shoot

So we have already discussed that you should be training as hard as ever before.

Apart from the training, you should also prepare by asking the photographer what will be needed of you.

As a photographer, you can also prepare the model by telling him or her what you require of them.

Some of the things required include shoes, clothes, makeup, and hair styling. Most of the time, fitness photoshoots usually require three or four changes of clothing and two or three pairs of shoes.

With regards to your hair and makeup, you need to hire a professional if you want to look your best. So book one early for the day and leave nothing to chance.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Perhaps this is the best fitness photo shoot idea on this list.

As a fitness athlete, you cannot really underestimate the importance of drinking copious amounts of water.

The water serves two purposes. First, it will rid your body of toxins and make your skin to glow.

Second, you will lose fat because water is needed for fat loss. The end result is that you will look stunning.

However, you should start drinking huge amounts of water a couple of weeks before the shoot day.

About 72 hours before the shoot, reduce your water intake to sculpt and look more chiseled. This fitness photo shoot idea works for both male and female models.

  1. Get to know the photographer and his or her work

If you really want to have a smooth photo shoot, you should talk to the photographer and you should definitely extensively review his or her work.

Reviewing the work kinda makes you know what to expect on the shoot day.

It also tells you what the photographer is expecting in terms of poses and the likes. Knowing the kind of poses preferred by the photographer can help you practice and become really good at doing the poses naturally.

This will make your photos appear very effortless and natural. As a photographer, you should also familiarize your model with your work by showing them your photos and asking them to practice.

  1. Get a massage and then get a tan

Both of these may seem unnecessary but they are very essential steps for the ultimate fitness photos.

The massage will loosen you up and make you feel really great. Get it the day before your shoot. It will also improve your looks and your confidence.

A tan is essential because tanned skin looks way better under the lights.


These tips should help you to look extremely good on your photo shoots as a model.

If you are a photographer, they will help you to prepare your athlete adequately for the shoot. The fitness photo shoot ideas may seem simple but they are extremely effective.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal boudoir photography is what is trending right now.

An increasing number of women are embracing their femininity and booking intimate and sensual photo shoots on their wedding days to celebrate getting married.

In this post, we are going to share with you everything you need to know about bridal boudoir photography.

You are going to learn so much about the art, how to prepare, and why you should do it.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

What Exactly Is Bridal Boudoir Potography?

Bridal boudoir photography aka wedding boudoir photography is a sexy photo shoot meant to capture the bride in sensual poses either when she is partially nude or in lingerie.

Unlike nude photography, boudoir photography is usually quite tasteful and in luxurious surroundings.

The lighting is also usually natural and the photography gear are set in such a way to show off what you love the most about your body.

How to Prepare For a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

In this age of social media, we all want to look really good in all the photos we take.

Some usually try some intense exercise regimes while others embark on extreme dieting to get look as good as they want to be. However, a bridal boudoir photo shoot is not about competition. It is about celebrating yourself for who you area.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean, you should just go to your shoot blindly. Make sure you have a good night sleep, carry some water to drink before the event, and carry about four sets of lingerie and shoes.

About Makeup during Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoots

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events; at least this is what most people expect when they are getting married. So it is only proper for you to get a professional to do your makeup for your bridal photo shoot.

If you already know someone, get him or her to the shoot early. If you don’t know any professional makeup artist talk to your photographer, he or she must probably have one or two on his speed dial.

A professional hair and makeup artist can quickly give you that polished look to make you feel extra special and look confident and sensual in your photos.

Locations for Bridal Boudoir Shoots

Most of the time, shoots are done at the home of the client. This is because it is at home that most people feel most comfortable in.

However, in some cases, studios are usually set up with all the lighting, and furnishings to make everything look perfect.

In other cases, and this is becoming increasingly popular, wedding boudoir shoots are done in executive suites of major hotels.

How the shooting Is Done

Most of the time, after the setup of a location, the extra staff will leave and perhaps leave you, the photographer, one assistant, and perhaps your best friend to make you feel comfortable.

Every photographer has a different style of photography but most usually start with simple poses to get you warmed up for the more sensual poses.

Final Word

As you can see, a boudoir photo shoot is not exactly something to fear.

You can easily do it and it doesn’t have to be X-rated or uncomfortable.

If you keep everything as simple as explained above, you will effortlessly look fantastic in most of the photos to make the perfect sensual and intimate wedding album for your partner’s eyes only.

Boudoir Photography for Couples

Although a joint boudoir session with your significant other may sound a bit awkward, it can be a very romantic experience between the two of you.

In this post, we explore boudoir photography for couples, why couples choose to do it, and the things that a photographer can do to create the perfect couples boudoir images.

Boudoir Photography Couples

What Exactly Is Boudoir Photography for Couples?

Boudoir photography for couples is any kind of photo shoot that involves partners. Essentially, such photo shoots are meant to rekindle passion, bring back chemistry, or enhance existing connection between partners.

In some cases, couples go for very erotic boudoir photo shoots including some that depict them in passionate lovemaking.

However, in the majority of cases, things are usually much simple and much less X-rated. Normally, the male partners just strip to their boxers, while the women put on some sexy lingerie for boudoir shoots.

For photographers, boudoir photography is all about capturing the emotions and the feelings couples share for each other using a camera.

Obviously, there is a lot that goes into setting the camera, the lighting, the background, and so on but the purpose of doing all these things is to capture the feelings shared between a couple.

Why Do Couples Do Boudoir Photography Together?

At our studio, we often do boudoir photography for couples almost every other month. We try our best to accurately capture the love shared by couples.

To ensure that we meet our clients’ expectations, we don’t just go in blindly, we ask our clients about their expectations and discuss every important detail before we start the shoots.

It is through asking our clients about their expectations that we have come to discover that there are many reasons why couple do such shoots besides the thrill. Here are some of the reasons.

  1. To Capture The Most Intimate Moments

For most couples, stripping down to bare necessities and being photographed looking into each other or just lying down in bed is the best way to capture the intimacy they share. This is usually one of the main reasons for doing boudoir photo shoots.

  1. To Look Extremely Beautiful Together

Models look really good on the covers of magazines. A lot of effort goes into such kinds of shoots. A professional boudoir photo shoot will also result in a similar kind of result. You will both look extremely beautiful together especially if you work with a professional and experienced photographer for your boudoir shoot.

  1. To Spend Time Together

This is the third most popular reason why couples book boudoir photo sessions. So instead of going for a picnic or to see a movie, some couples choose to spend their free time by doing boudoir photo shoots. It usually takes about three hours. Those are three hours sharing time and creating memories together.

Pro Tips for Photographers

As a photographer, you can create the perfect boudoir images for your clients by establishing boundaries, building rapport with your clients, and preparing adequately with the right tools, equipment, and software.


Boudoir photography for couples is all about showing affection and intimacy among couples. There are so many reasons to take such photos including to spend time together, to look beautiful, and to capture intimate moments.

Why Boudoir Photography?

Nowadays, it is as if everyone is interested in doing boudoir photography either behind the camera or in front of the camera.

But what is boudoir photography and why do people do it?

By the end of this post, you should have the answers to both of these questions.

What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is a French word. The word was historically used to refer to the private bathing and dressing rooms for female aristocrats. From this definition, it is easy to see the intimate nature of this word.

Boudoir photographs are basically photographs meant to capture women in sensual or intimate poses. In most cases, the women have lingerie on in some cases, they do not have anything on.

Most resulting boudoir images are often not meant for public consumption. They are for private use. They are done by women who want to feel good about themselves and for several other reasons which we will cover later on this post.

Even though the majority of boudoir photographs are meant for private use, some women who are extremely happy with their results usually end up posting their photos on social media.

In summary, boudoir photography is about capturing and showing the sensual side of women instead of the erotic or the nude.

Boudoir nude photography

What Kind Of Women Do Boudoir Photography?

Basically, all kinds of women do this type of photography. However, in most cases, those who want boudoir photographs are aspiring or established models who want something for their model profiles.

Boudoir Photography Locations

In most cases, modern boudoir photography is done in luxury hotels. This is because such locations usually don’t need much sprucing up for photographs to be taken. In some cases, boudoir photography is done in bedrooms or in other rooms in a home. Boudoir photographs can also be shot in studios.

Boudoir Photography Styles

Boudoir photography includes a variety of moods/ styles. Some of the most popular styles of this type of photography include “provocative and sensual”, “fun and giggles”, and “naughty girl.” These photography styles usually entail a varying degree of explicitness.

In terms of the shooting itself, boudoir photography is often characterized by well-lit photographs, shallow DOF (Depth of Field), and short focal distances. The result is often to portray women in a flattering way and to impart a dreamy sensual mood.

Why Women Do Boudoir Photography

There are plenty of reasons why many females book boudoir shoots. We will highlight a few of those here to show you just how much demand there is for this type of photography.

Women book boudoir photography sessions:

  1. To Create A Wedding Gift

This was the original reason for shooting boudoir photographs. Women used to shoot several images, have the images in an album and gift the album to their husbands as a wedding present.

  1. To Celebrate Birthdays

Women book photographs to celebrate major milestone birthdays e.g. the 30th, 35th, 40th, or 50th birthdays. These photographs empower them and make them feel beautiful again.

  1. To Show Weight Loss

Of late, this is becoming a popular reason for women to book boudoir photography sessions. Gaining weight for any reason can make many women feel unattractive.

However, after months or years of exercise and a change in diet, many women can significantly transform their appearances. At the end of it all, many usually mark their physical transformations by taking boudoir photographs.

Other women simply order sensual photographs because they just want to. In other cases, women shoot such photos celebrate recovery from depression or to boost their self-esteem.

Regardless of why someone is choosing to do boudoir photography, there are usually a few constants related to doing such photos. Boudoir portraiture makes women look amazing, it empowers women, it makes them happy, and it is a great way for them to spend time and money.

Tips for Photographers Who Want To Do This Type of Photography

If you are an aspiring boudoir photographer, the tips below will help you to find quickly understand what is needed of you.

  1. Fully Understand The Objective Of This Type Of Photography

The objective of boudoir photography sessions is to create sensual/ intimate photos. Nobody is comfortable taking such kind of photos with a complete stranger. Therefore, you have to consult with the client and ask them what will make them comfortable enough for you to make such photos a reality.

  1. Have A Professional Makeup Artist On Standby

Sometimes the pressure to do make up for a shoot can make even the most confident women freeze. Therefore, you should always have a professional makeup artist on speed dial or you should just call them to your studio to give your client the best look before you begin shooting.

  1. Advice Clients To Buy Or To Come With The Outfits They Are Most Comfortable In

Most boudoir shoots are done in lingerie. Ask your client to come with the undergarments that she is most comfortable in. Otherwise, you will only be able to try shoots in the nude, which most women are not comfortable with.

  1. Prepare Accordingly

The camera is obviously the most important thing for all types of photography. So make sure you’ve got your shooter and it is working as expected.

Apart from the camera, make sure your lighting equipment and all other gear are ready for the job ahead. Most importantly, if you don’t have one yet, make sure you get a proper photo-editing software.

The images you capture are just the beginning, you will need proper photography software to make sure the end images are perfect.

Sexy Model Nude Fotos


Boudoir photography is all about shooting intimate and sensual images. Women book such photo sessions to look good, to create wedding gifts, to celebrate significant milestones, or just for fun.

As a photographer, you must fully understand boudoir photography, discuss extensively with the client about their objectives for the shoot, and prepare adequately to create the best boudoir photographs.

Remember, your camera alone and your other photography hardware are not enough; you also need a proper photo editor for the perfect images.

Tracing Nude Fine Arts Portraiture in History

If you think that nude fine artworks emerged recently, you are wrong. Dead wrong. The depiction of men and women in nakedness has been a part of art in the Western World and the in the Far East since time immemorial.

Nude Fine Arts in Ancient Greece

The depiction of men and women in the nude first begun ancient Greece when sculptors and painters depicted gods, goddesses, and athletes in the nude to celebrate the male and female bodies.

The male body was particularly depicted in a very positive light especially in the form of sculptures. This is because of the popularly held Greek belief that the male body is the embodiment of all that is good in humanity.

The portraiture of the naked female body also begun in ancient Greece in the form of figurines. Legend has it that the Greeks regarded naked female figurines as the embodiment of divinity, fertility, and procreation.

Greek goddesses such as Aphrodite were among the first subjects of sculptors and painters. Later, mistresses and famous women were also depicted on canvases and carved as figurines and statues.

As the Hellenistic era rumbled on, nude fine arts portraiture became more common. The long Roman era also saw the continued advancement of the nude in fine arts. Images and sculptures of men and women in nakedness adorned not only private homes but also public baths, temples, and tombs.

According to several art critics, the depiction of men and women in the nude in the Hellenistic era (the Greek era), and the Roman era was not to merely create eroticism but to celebrate youth, athleticism, health, fertility, and geometric clarity.

In other words, they were meant to stimulate not only passions but also the mind.

Read complete nude photography guide here

Naked Model being Painted

Nude Fine Arts and Christianity

Despite the strongly growing nude fine arts movement, the spread of Christianity halfway through the Roman era strongly reduced the portrayal of nudes in the Western World.

The only nudes that were allowed were those of Adam and Eve.

Nude Fine Arts from the 13th Century Onwards

However, from the late 13th Century when classical nudity was rediscovered in Italian city-states such as Venice, the portrayal of nudity once again became a trending theme in fine arts. Italian painters such as Nicola Pisano, Giotto, and Leonardo made nudity great again.

In the 16th century, Italian artist Tiziano Vercelli (better known as Titian) ushered the second Golden age of the theme of nudity in fine arts.

His paintings such as Diana and Callisto became really popular among European aristocrats. In the 17th century, Rococo art movement painters and sculptors such as Boucher made nude paintings and sculptures even more popular.

The 18th century saw royal academies and art galleries starting to accept paintings and sculptures of nude women and men. The 19th century saw many British artists taking up the nude theme in their artworks.

The invention of the camera in the 19th century saw a shift from the portrayal of nudity on canvas and figurines to the portrayal of real women in nakedness on photographic images.

Although the camera was invented in 1816, the earliest publicly available nude photographs were taken in the 1850s. For example, Antoine Moulin’s female nude picture was taken in 1856 and is now on display at the Getty Museum.

Although some of the first nude photos portrayed men in the nude during fitness competitions or out in the wild, as time went by female fine art nude photos slowly became prevalent and are to this date the mainstay of the nude theme in fine arts.

One of the latest most iconic of such photos is the Kim Kardashian nude photo for the Paper magazine that was called Break the Internet.

Guide Reveals Why Nude Photography is Popular

If you haven’t been living under a rock in the last couple of years, then you have probably come across nude photography in some form.

They are kind of ubiquitous nowadays, especially on social media.

From female nude photography to pregnancy nude photography, there are so many pics of individuals in the nude on the internet.

Nude Photography Sexy Model

But why is nude photography suddenly all the rage?

What draws people to such kind of photography? And isn’t it just some sort of immoral porno?

Well, there is something most marketers know like the back of their hands and that is the fact that sex sells. Just think of most of the popular advertisements, movies, or music videos you have seen. You have probably seen some form of nakedness or insinuation of sex.

Putting people dressed in a suggestive manner or doing suggestive things in advertisements usually excites targeted markets and appeals to many people.

Nude photography is kind of the same thing. It has become so popular because it creates an excitement.

It creates excitement because many people are curious about bodies about how we all look when we don’t have layers of clothes on. Most people also become excited about nude photos because of the knowledge that they are looking at something that society expects to be private.

On social media, one can get more followers and more engagement from people by posting a nude pic as opposed to posting a photograph of themselves doing something outdoors.

The more one posts such pics, the more people will discover that person and the more famous he or she will become. So for most people, nude photos are about creating excitement and hoping that the excitement results in fame and popularity.

In some cases, the increase in popularity and fame usually results in money in the form of paid endorsements. One can approach or can be approached by brands or individuals to promote a business by visiting that business or posting something about that business on their social media or blog. And most businesses usually pay good money for such exposure.

For photographers, nude photography is a form of art. It is more challenging because one has to find the right balance so that the end result is not just a nude pic but a tasteful photograph that makes an audience more fascinated about the model/ individual photographed and the photographer behind the pic.

There is also a lot of money to be made with this kind of photography. Tasteful and truly creative nude photographs can attract good attention and many potential buyers in exhibitions.

They can also attract a good number of followers on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. The right number of followers can, in turn, be monetized for maximum benefit.

Below are the major types of nude photography. Read on to find out important details about the types of photography and how each one is different from the other.

Types of Nude Photos

  • Nude art photography

Sexy Model Nude FotosNude art photography is all about taking tasteful shots of models that are free of clothes. It is about creating pictures that makes the mind wander a bit and evoke certain emotions.

Most of the time, people use clothes to judge others, to associate them to a certain culture, or way of life. This usually leads to most people judging others wrongly or focusing on things other than the person himself or herself.

Nude art photography is all about stripping off that sort of judgement by presenting the person in his or her birthday suit. When this is done, what is left are the emotions of the model captured in the shot and the feelings that come with that emotion.

Perfect nude art photographs elicit emotions and make people think beyond the pic that is before them.

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  • Nude male photography

Nude male photography is not as popular as female nude photography. However, it is even much more exciting as a form of art. This is because males have even bigger issues about their physiques and the size of their body parts than women. Thus, seeing a man in his nude and sometimes without any cover for his member usually results in deeper thought than anything else.

Of course, nude male photography can also be done through creatively covering up the man’s member. There are also other times when male fitness models get nude photos of themselves taken to show off as much muscle as possible.

Regardless of how the pictures are taken, nude male photographs will also often elicit pure emotions in many viewers.

  • Fine art nude photography

Naked Model being PaintedThe likes of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Bill Brandt, and Helmut Newton are some of the most renowned nude art photographers.

There is massive interest in fine art nude photography. This is because it is a very precise and challenging art that demands maximum dedication and discipline by the photographer for perfect shots and final products.

Considering that most people have already seen most types of nude shots, it is imperative for an aspiring fine art nude photographer to push himself or herself and to use every creative fibre in their body to capture and edit images that can be considered as art.

To create uniquely gratifying fine art nude photographs, the photographer and the model must be in tune.

  • Erotic nude photography

Erotic nude photographs are the kind of photographs you will see on Playboy and Penthouse magazines.

Essentially, any type of photography with a high enough degree of nakedness to specifically elicit sexual emotions is erotic nude photography.

That’s is just what it is. So in women, it may just go beyond simply not having clothes to exposing breasts and private parts. In men, it may also reveal private parts.

Sometimes, there is little exposure of private parts but maximum suggestive positioning to create images that elicit sexual emotions.

Erotic nude photography requires the highest level of professionalism and focus from both the photographer and the model to guarantee success.

  • Female nude photography

Female nude photography is perhaps the most popular form of nude photography. It has been popularized and normalized by the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebs who have taken nude photographs that have gone viral and ended up breaking the internet.

Most of the photographs you will see online on social media and on blogs are the results of simple female nude photography. Sometimes the photos are taken using iPhones or just simple cameras. Other times the shots are taken using advanced cameras. However, almost all the times, such photos are usually taken for display on social networking platforms.

Female nude photography is a potentially good source of revenue for the model and for the individual doing the photography.

  • Pregnancy nude photography

Pregnancy nude photographyPregnancy nude photographs are increasingly becoming a popular form of nude photography. You have probably seen one before. Most young expectant women have it in their things to do before the baby is born list.

Pregnancy significantly changes the female body. It is also a very emotionally challenging period. These are some of the reasons why many people take pregnancy nude shots. They want to capture these trying periods in pictures to remember this stage of their lives.

Perfect pregnancy nude photographs are works of art. The typical pregnancy nude photography shot is that of an expectant mother covering her breasts with one hand and the other hand touching the underside of the baby bump. The shots are usually taken closer to full-term when the bump is almost at its biggest size.

Other tips to make you a better photographer

As it is evident in the information provided above, there are many types of nude photography; all serving a different type of purpose.

If you are an aspiring photographer, you need to know the differences so that you can take the right kind of shots that resonate with your audience and followers.

Nothing will kill your budding photography career faster than mixing things up unknowingly or doing things by guesswork.

You need to be smart, to read as much as possible about your favorite form of nude photography, to regularly check out what other quality photographers are posting, and to find your own original approach to your favorite form of nude photography.

Below are some tips to help you become a better nude photographer.

Between Black and White Nude Photography and Colour Nude Photography

Most of the times, nude photos are usually taken in color. This is because the main purpose is to show the model in their raw and most natural form. After all, the purpose of nude photography is to strip away clothes and every other material thing that would bring bias.

However, shooting in color can be discomforting for some models. Remember, not everyone is comfortable in their own skin.

That’s why we’ve got a multibillion-dollar cosmetics industry. Even the most beautiful women may have some blemishes on their skin that they not want you to capture in your shots.

To get the model on your side and to work in tune with her, you should shoot in black and white. She will probably be more confident about her appearance and subsequent shots will definitely be outstanding.

Black and white shots also usually present a whole new concept. They are more about the shape of the model, the shadows, and the lighting and less about the model’s skin and blemishes.

Differentiating between Commercial Nude Photos & Porno Pics

Many new photographers and nude models are usually conflicted about doing nude shots.

This is because most people and societies are yet to accept nude photography and those who do not know about it automatically assume that it is some sort of soft porn. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The two are very distinct things; one is art and the other is not art.

To ensure that you differentiate the two as a photographer, there are two things you need to do. You need to make your pictures tasteful, and you absolutely need not to show any type of sexual act.

To take tasteful pictures, you’ve got to be creative with your background, your lighting, the model’s pose, and things like that. These things must combine to make the end result artful.

The second thing is pretty obvious, you’ve have to desist from showing sexual acts for your photos to be just nude photos.

Although nude photos can show private parts, they are usually not exactly explicit. However, if one ends up taking a photo that not only explicitly expose private parts but also show a sexual act, the photo becomes a pornographic image by definition.

So always remember the two things; make your photos creative and artful and avoid showing explicit images of sexual parts or acts.

Importance of Amateur Nude Photography

Amateur nude photography is extremely important for those who want to move to the next level of professional photography.

It is as an amateur nude photographer that you will be able to develop your own distinctive style of photography without any restrictions. All professionals need to start somewhere and as a photographer, this is the stage where you will start your work.

Make sure you master the basics at this level and get everything you need to prepare for success.

Amateur Nude Photography


Nude photography is a special art form. Unlike porn pics, nude photographs are supposed to be tasteful and to focus on evoking emotions and deeper thoughts.

There are many different types of nude photography including female nude photography, male nude photography, fine art nude photography, and pregnancy nude photography. Shooting photographs in color may make some models uncomfortable.

If your model is uncomfortable go for black and white shots. They are also sometimes better than color in that they also strip away judgement due to skin blemishes or color.

If you are new to photography, you will need to begin from the amateur nude photography level. Make sure you learn everything at this level before proceeding to the next level.

Fitness Photography Guide

Complete Cardio WorkoutThere is a very high likelihood that your iPhone gallery contains photos of you in the gym running on the treadmill, squatting, weightlifting, or doing any other form of exercise. However, the photos on your phone probably don’t look like what you have seen in fitness magazines or on your favourite celebrity’s Instagram timeline. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about shooting stunning fitness photos with the potential to go viral online.

Most people assume that taking great photos is a simple task but it is not. It involves a lot of things you won’t necessarily know about if you haven’t been with a photographer on set.

Things such as preparation/ planning, getting the right equipment, choosing/ setting the background, getting the model to pose the right way, and so on.

Check out the sections below to find out the must-know details about fitness photography as it related to fitness sports, indoor and outdoor games, bodybuilding, and legal supplements.

Types of fitness photography

Here are the major types of fitness photography. They are not entirely different from each other but they have subtle differences that you should be aware of.

  • Gym Photography

Gym Photograph Dumbell

Gym photography is basically any kind of photography depicting an athlete in the gym. Most photos on fitness magazines are actually products of gym photography.

Taking photos of an athlete in the gym can feel intimidating at first. However, it is actually quite a nice and exciting experience because there are lots of props to work with to set the background for your shoot especially if it is a big gym. You can shoot your model running on the treadmill, bench-pressing some weights, squatting, or when he or she is doing a dumbbell press.

Professionals who do commercial gym photography usually have the best equipment including powerful cameras and lighting equipment. As an amateur photographer, you are probably going to be making due with any camera you can afford. However, there are some things that you can do to enhance your pictures without spending a single cent.

You can keep your frame tight. This will help you to avoid capturing other individuals or parts of the gym that you may not want to appear in your shot. You can also ask your model to warm up a bit with some very light workouts. This will pump their muscles and make them sweat a bit making your gym shots to look even more realistic.

You can also ask your model to do some slow movements so that you can capture those moments instead of poses. Poses may make things look unrealistic while light movements can make everything to look magical and inspirational.

Lastly, you can ask your model to repeat movements so that you can capture multiple shots of the same set. This will automatically boost your chances of snapping just the perfect moment.

  • Bodybuilding shoots

Bodybuilding Photos Lat Pull Down

Bodybuilders feature on front pages of fitness magazines, on the covers of supplements, on calendars, and on promotional materials. There are also plenty of bodybuilding events held in gyms, regionally, and nationally. Bodybuilders also want pics of themselves to post online. So there is plenty of money to be earned doing bodybuilding shoots.

However, for those who are new to bodybuilding photography, it can be pretty confusing when you get invited to do such shoots. Nevertheless, by getting the basics down, you can easily get some outstanding shots of your subjects.

One of the key things you will have to understand is that bodybuilding photography is all about showing off your subject’s muscles. So that’s where your focus should be.

To have the best photos, you will need to set up the set. So you will need some light source at least one meter above your model. The light source should be pointed towards the model. You can have more light sources if you feel that you need more. Some studios lease such equipment, so you do not necessarily need to buy them.

However, you have to make sure that your lighting is low-key; accentuates the muscles of the model but still creates shadows. High-key lighting can make everything in your shot to look a bit dull and undefined.

You will also need to use a dark background if in a studio or you will need to find such a background in the gym you are going to do your shoot.

You can also get your model to warm up a bit or to do a few workout sets to get his muscles showing. After that, spray a bit of water on his face and hair to create the impression that he is sweating.

When ready, take the photographs from different angles. Make sure you focus on the muscles. To make things even more interesting you can use props or get your model to start doing a workout set they are really good at and capture them in the moment.

Remember to balance between being creative and being realistic. This is because you want people to be excited with your shot but you also want them to believe that the people in the pics are actually doing the workouts.

  • Male and Female Fitness Photos

Male and Female Fitness Photos Male and female fitness photos are the ones you see your friends posting on their social media accounts. These are just regular photos taken using smartphones. You probably have taken one of yourself after a vigorous workout or after a long run.

People can always do these types of photos with their phones. However, since they are not trained they will not get the same kind of results celebrities get when they take pics after workouts.

The main difference is that most celebrities hire photographers to do their fitness photos. So if you have been thinking that your favourite hunk of a celebrity, movie star, or Kardashian clan socialite takes their own pictures, you are wrong. They get help and you should equally get help if you want photos of a similar quality.

If you are a newbie photographer and you think you can shoot such photos, then you definitely can. With massive belief in self, you can have the discipline to learn more and to continue practicing shooting male and female fitness photos. With enough practice, shooting such photos will be like second nature to you. You will be able to take amazing mid-workout, post-workout or jogging pics effortlessly.

And you never know; if you do a good enough job taking photos of your friends and acquaintances during their workouts, someone could recommend you to someone and your next client could be your favourite celebrity or that supermodel you have always wanted to work with.

How to take the best fitness photos

We have given quite a number of tips when discussing the different types of photography above. In this section, we highlight the general tips to make you a better fitness photographer.

  • Get the model/ athlete involved

You can have the best camera, the most expensive lighting source, or the best props and background but if you are not moving in tune with the athlete or model, you will not get the best results.

The key to getting them involved is communication. Tell the athlete to look natural and tell them the look you are going for in your pics. What is even better than telling them is showing them; you can show them some sample photos of what you are looking for. This will give them the confidence that they are doing the right thing and enable you to capture the perfect moments faster than before.

You are an expert at photography, the athlete is the expert at fitness, hearing what he or she has to say can provide you with plenty of feedback that you can use to change things and get even better shots. So always consult them, and get them to tell you as much as they can about how you could improve the shot before commencing your shoot.

  • Get the right camera for the job

Cameras are what make a photographer. Ever seen a photograph taken by a cheap smartphone? What about a photograph shot using the latest iPhone or Samsung phone? Well, if you have then you have probably seen the contrast between the types of images that the two types of devices can provide. The Samsung/ iPhone image you saw was most likely the better one.

Powerful cameras provide even better images than the iPhones and Samsung phones of this world. One of the most powerful cameras of 2018 is the Nikon D850 digital SLR. It has a powerful sensor (45.7MP) and allows the capture of 9 frames per second. This pro-level camera can get you multiple superb HD shots in the blink of an eye.

If you want to be taken as a serious photographer, you will eventually need to invest in the right equipment and this camera is one of them.

  • Get familiar with your camera

In bodybuilding photography, you will not have much time to think or to fumble with settings to get your camera shooting the right way. The shoot is also not the place to try out a new camera.

If your camera is new or you are not yet familiar and comfortable with it, leave it at home. Use your old camera for the shoot and get more time with the new one during practice sets before you make it your go-to camera.

  • Write down all the shots you will need

Shoots are serious business. You should not approach them with a wait and see attitude. You should write down and describe all the shots you need and how you will approach them. This will help you to avoid wasting time.

Also, failure to write down all the shots you need could result in you missing some important stills. And considering the fact that you may be leasing equipment, this could force you to rehire the same equipment increasing or doubling the cost of your shoot.

  • Ask the model to carry multiple sets of clothes

No matter how good you are, shooting the same person in the same set of clothes could result in a not-so-good collection of pictures. So unless you are going for nude shots, you should ask your model to carry multiple sets of workout clothes and possibly shoes so as to ensure that the collection of photos, in the end, have the right variety.

  • Get an assistant

It is probably going to be very difficult for you to successfully complete an entire professional shoot without having an assistant. An assistant will help you set the background, prepare your model (make-up, hair, or posing), modify the lighting, and do several other things that you cannot do with your camera in hand.

Your assistant could also help you to secure your equipment especially if you are doing your shoot in a gym where there are many people or in a public place.

  • Get the poses right

Getting the perfect picture is a combination of multiple factors including the lighting, the equipment, the background, the subject/ model himself or herself, and the pose.

With regards to the pose, you should get the athlete to do little movements so that you can capture just the right moment, after all, these are fitness photographs you are taking. They should show fitness and movement and not anything else.

Combine the movements with angles from your side. Try to make sure you are still (get a tripod) and that there are some shadows across the muscles so as to create the impression that the muscles are really bulging and that the athlete is really sculpted.


With all these tips, you should be able to easily shoot great pictures and get the right market for your pics.

If the pics are your own, you could sell them on various online platforms, if they are not yours, you could still post them online and on social media to get more people asking about your pics and your skills.

If the pics are good enough you will soon get recommended to more clients and you may soon be turning away some of them because of lack of time.

Things beginners should know about photography

Things beginners should know about photography

Beautiful photography is a combination of creativity, talent, and hard work. If you have a passion towards photography and if you want to take it up as your career there are certain things you should know before starting. There are lots of techniques to learn, and you need to have a lot of patience all the way. There are no shortcuts to becoming a professional photographer; everything comes with practice and hard work. The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind as a beginner in photography:

Take it slow:

Like mentioned above there are no shortcuts in becoming a professional photographer you got to take it slow and steady. Try to learn the basics and master them.

You will first have to learn how to handle the camera and focus it on the object you want to photograph. There are different types of photography, try to analyse what type you want to do and concentrate on that. No one is going to get a perfect shot right at the first time. You got to keep practising and slowly develop into a professional photographer.

Be open to learning:

Every beginner should be open to learning. You might already know many things about photography, but still, there might be a technique which you might have never heard of. You can watch how other photographers shoot their pictures and learn from them. You can also go around reading books and practising many techniques you have learned to shoot better photographs.

Understand that you don’t need the latest gadgets and types of equipment to make beautiful photos:

Just because someone has a fancy camera, it does not mean that they are good photographs and that their photos are top notch. All you need is a camera which works. If you want to make your images better, you will need hard work and practice. So as a beginner do not go out there and buy expensive equipment thinking that your pictures will become better.

Understand how lights will alter your photographs:

Once you have mastered the concept of exposure and focus you need to start learning about how light makes a great impact on your photography. Start to notice how light falls on objects and how you can capture that object in the best way. You can also see paintings and learn how artists have used light to brighten up their picture.

Learn the rules:

It is a known fact that rules are written so that they can be broken. As a photographer, you are not bound to anything, and your imagination can flow like a river. So try to learn the rules so that you can break them on purpose. Learn the rules so that you will know the theoretical concepts but go ahead and break it cause you can make better photographs with your own ideas.

Track and Control How Your Smart Devices Consume Data Using Monitoring Apps

The Monitoring ApplicationsData monitoring apps are becoming more crucial especially for professionals such as photographers and others who use mobile data to upload images to their cloud storage accounts.

Not controlling your smartphone’s or your camera’s data usage could result in losing plenty of data that you may have not intended to lose that way, or in the loss of your work through hacking.

In this post, we explain the usefulness of data monitoring apps to photographers and to people in general.

Continue reading to find out more about why a data monitoring app may be the best software you ever installed in your smartphone or camera (yes, there are cameras that can wirelessly upload images through Wi-Fi or smartphone tethering).

Some of the ways that data monitoring Apps can help you include:

  1. Preventing the loss of work through hacking or unwanted apps

When agreeing to app permissions when installing any App, you usually give Apps access to some storage sites on your phone. Most Apps require this kind of access to function optimally.

However, not all apps are what they claim to be. Some Apps may be helping you to do one thing while in the background they are uploading your photos or images to some other site.

It is not easy to tell such Apps if you are not an expert. However, through the use of a data monitoring App, you can easily tell suspicious Apps by tracking data usage. #

For example, if you are seeing a spike in data usage in App X and you have not used it recently, then that is definitely a red flag and you can either delete it or find out more about that particular App online.

  1. Can help you save money

Data can be expensive. This is especially true if your work particularly involves uploading data-heavy, high-resolution images.

Therefore, any app that is secretly consuming your data is a no-no. You can tell such Apps using a data monitoring App. Some of the most common culprits include Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and online games.

By tracking the Apps that consume a lot of data, you can either delete them or limit their data usage. By doing so you can limit your overall data consumption and save data for work. And it goes without saying that the lower the mobile data you consume the lower your monthly data bill will be.

  1. They can tell you which apps are draining your phone battery

monitor applicationThe biggest data consumers on your smartphone are also usually the biggest battery power drainers.

Quite a number of data monitoring Apps can also track battery consumption helping you know which Apps are making you to charge your phone frequently.

You can then disable these Apps when you are not using them to save your smartphone battery power when you are not using it.

  1. You can use them to set daily or monthly data consumption limits

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t want to consume mobile data beyond a certain daily or monthly limits.

For example, you can limit yourself to using not more than 15GB per month because of financial reasons or company policies.

When you set a 15GB limit on your phone, you will be able to do your work worry-free because you know for sure that you will get a notification when you are close to reaching your limit.


Data monitoring Apps can help you to turn things around pretty quickly. They can help you to control your data, to track your data consumption, to save money, to limit data consumption, and to prevent illegal access to your work.

Apart from smartphones, some cameras can also be connected to the internet. If you can download apps to such cameras, make sure you download a data monitoring app for the same reasons mentioned above.