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Taking selfies in the gym will not adequately show off your entire body in all its glory. A professional photo shoot, on the other hand, definitely will.

In this post, we will cover the best fitness photoshoot ideas for athletes and for photographers.

Regardless of whether you are usually in front of the camera or behind it, the tips and ideas in this post will help make you work much easier. So without wasting your precious time, let’s get right into the post.

Below are five professional tips to make you look swell in your fitness photo shoot:

Best Fitness Photoshoot

  1. You should be in tip-top condition

As an athlete, you should know that your body is your work. It might be a previous competition photo that might have interested a photographer or a brand to work with you.

Therefore, several weeks before the actual shoot, you should work out as hard as you have ever worked to look your absolute best during the shoot.

This will not only automatically make your photos look good but will also ensure that there is no suitable replacement that can do what you are going to be paid to do.

Moreover, as an athlete, you should get plenty of rest the night before the shoot. You do not want to have bloodshot eyes or eye bags on the day of your shoot.

  1. Be ready for the shoot

So we have already discussed that you should be training as hard as ever before.

Apart from the training, you should also prepare by asking the photographer what will be needed of you.

As a photographer, you can also prepare the model by telling him or her what you require of them.

Some of the things required include shoes, clothes, makeup, and hair styling. Most of the time, fitness photoshoots usually require three or four changes of clothing and two or three pairs of shoes.

With regards to your hair and makeup, you need to hire a professional if you want to look your best. So book one early for the day and leave nothing to chance.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Perhaps this is the best fitness photo shoot idea on this list.

As a fitness athlete, you cannot really underestimate the importance of drinking copious amounts of water.

The water serves two purposes. First, it will rid your body of toxins and make your skin to glow.

Second, you will lose fat because water is needed for fat loss. The end result is that you will look stunning.

However, you should start drinking huge amounts of water a couple of weeks before the shoot day.

About 72 hours before the shoot, reduce your water intake to sculpt and look more chiseled. This fitness photo shoot idea works for both male and female models.

  1. Get to know the photographer and his or her work

If you really want to have a smooth photo shoot, you should talk to the photographer and you should definitely extensively review his or her work.

Reviewing the work kinda makes you know what to expect on the shoot day.

It also tells you what the photographer is expecting in terms of poses and the likes. Knowing the kind of poses preferred by the photographer can help you practice and become really good at doing the poses naturally.

This will make your photos appear very effortless and natural. As a photographer, you should also familiarize your model with your work by showing them your photos and asking them to practice.

  1. Get a massage and then get a tan

Both of these may seem unnecessary but they are very essential steps for the ultimate fitness photos.

The massage will loosen you up and make you feel really great. Get it the day before your shoot. It will also improve your looks and your confidence.

A tan is essential because tanned skin looks way better under the lights.


These tips should help you to look extremely good on your photo shoots as a model.

If you are a photographer, they will help you to prepare your athlete adequately for the shoot. The fitness photo shoot ideas may seem simple but they are extremely effective.