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If you are shooting your photos in a location other than your studio, the key thing to do is to back up all your photos online. Most photographers do this. Most photographers also sometimes add photos and videos to their Instagram or Snapchat accounts before they get back to the office.

What we are trying to say is that being a photographer involves the use of plenty of data on your smartphone or on your camera (through tethering with your mobile hotspot). If you are not careful, you could end up using a lot of money on data.

We used to do this a lot in the past before we discovered the help of data monitoring apps. One such app is My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology tools.

The information we present in this post applies to most mobile data monitoring applications and not just my data manager. It is just an example of one of the many apps you can use to monitor your data. Some of the things you can use your data manager for include:

  1. To Check The Data Usage Of Your Apps

If there is an app that is unnecessarily consuming a lot of mobile data on your smartphone, then you can easily tell which one it is using any decent mobile data manager.

So if it is Instagram that is taking a lot of your data when you are out and about or it is Snapchat that is taking hogging your data and preventing you from uploading images, you can refrain from using such apps until you are connected to Wi-Fi. By doing things this way, you will have enough data on phone to backup all your images online before getting on the move again.

Having enough data to back up every single photograph you have taken in the field could be the difference between having the perfect album or having to spend money and time again to repeat an entire job if your camera is stolen or loses data between your shooting location and your office.

  1. To Close Heavily Data-Consuming, Battery-Draining Apps

Data usage is perhaps the biggest consumer of battery power second only to voice calls. When you have an app that is consuming a lot of data on your phone, you need to close it to save power for doing something else.

However, you cannot easily tell which app on your smartphone is really consuming data or which one is still open in the background and utilizing your mobile data without your knowledge. The one way to tell is to use a data monitoring application like My Data Manager.

This application will quickly tell you the culprit and enable your to shut down that app that is consuming your data in the background. Closing down a data-drainer will definitely help your phone to retain its power for longer.

  1. Can Help You To Track Fraudulent Activities

If you have ever suspected that someone else is using the data on your smartphone or accessing your smartphone without your permission, a proper data manager can pinpoint such fraudulent activity to you.

For instance, if you are sleep and then you wake up and find that your data manager application’s history is telling you that there was a spike in data in data usage when you were asleep, you will know for sure that something is not right.

With such knowledge, you can set or change your smartphone’s password and protect your work (images). You can also completely disconnect your phone at night to protect your work.

  1. A Data-Monitoring App Such As My Data Manager Can Be Installed In iPhones And Android Smartphones

So if you think that you may not be able to use My Data Manager because you have an incompatible device, then you are most probably wrong. This App and many others like it can be used on 99.9% of smartphones because it is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Moreover, My Data Manager, and other apps like it, is not locked to a particular data service provider. So whichever network you are using, you can download the App on your smartphone and use it to your benefit.


Mobile data monitoring applications such as My Data Manager can be very useful to photographers. They can help photographers to manage their mobile data, to save money, and to protect their work.