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Nowadays, it is as if everyone is interested in doing boudoir photography either behind the camera or in front of the camera.

But what is boudoir photography and why do people do it?

By the end of this post, you should have the answers to both of these questions.

What Is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is a French word. The word was historically used to refer to the private bathing and dressing rooms for female aristocrats. From this definition, it is easy to see the intimate nature of this word.

Boudoir photographs are basically photographs meant to capture women in sensual or intimate poses. In most cases, the women have lingerie on in some cases, they do not have anything on.

Most resulting boudoir images are often not meant for public consumption. They are for private use. They are done by women who want to feel good about themselves and for several other reasons which we will cover later on this post.

Even though the majority of boudoir photographs are meant for private use, some women who are extremely happy with their results usually end up posting their photos on social media.

In summary, boudoir photography is about capturing and showing the sensual side of women instead of the erotic or the nude.

Boudoir nude photography

What Kind Of Women Do Boudoir Photography?

Basically, all kinds of women do this type of photography. However, in most cases, those who want boudoir photographs are aspiring or established models who want something for their model profiles.

Boudoir Photography Locations

In most cases, modern boudoir photography is done in luxury hotels. This is because such locations usually don’t need much sprucing up for photographs to be taken. In some cases, boudoir photography is done in bedrooms or in other rooms in a home. Boudoir photographs can also be shot in studios.

Boudoir Photography Styles

Boudoir photography includes a variety of moods/ styles. Some of the most popular styles of this type of photography include “provocative and sensual”, “fun and giggles”, and “naughty girl.” These photography styles usually entail a varying degree of explicitness.

In terms of the shooting itself, boudoir photography is often characterized by well-lit photographs, shallow DOF (Depth of Field), and short focal distances. The result is often to portray women in a flattering way and to impart a dreamy sensual mood.

Why Women Do Boudoir Photography

There are plenty of reasons why many females book boudoir shoots. We will highlight a few of those here to show you just how much demand there is for this type of photography.

Women book boudoir photography sessions:

  1. To Create A Wedding Gift

This was the original reason for shooting boudoir photographs. Women used to shoot several images, have the images in an album and gift the album to their husbands as a wedding present.

  1. To Celebrate Birthdays

Women book photographs to celebrate major milestone birthdays e.g. the 30th, 35th, 40th, or 50th birthdays. These photographs empower them and make them feel beautiful again.

  1. To Show Weight Loss

Of late, this is becoming a popular reason for women to book boudoir photography sessions. Gaining weight for any reason can make many women feel unattractive.

However, after months or years of exercise and a change in diet, many women can significantly transform their appearances. At the end of it all, many usually mark their physical transformations by taking boudoir photographs.

Other women simply order sensual photographs because they just want to. In other cases, women shoot such photos celebrate recovery from depression or to boost their self-esteem.

Regardless of why someone is choosing to do boudoir photography, there are usually a few constants related to doing such photos. Boudoir portraiture makes women look amazing, it empowers women, it makes them happy, and it is a great way for them to spend time and money.

Tips for Photographers Who Want To Do This Type of Photography

If you are an aspiring boudoir photographer, the tips below will help you to find quickly understand what is needed of you.

  1. Fully Understand The Objective Of This Type Of Photography

The objective of boudoir photography sessions is to create sensual/ intimate photos. Nobody is comfortable taking such kind of photos with a complete stranger. Therefore, you have to consult with the client and ask them what will make them comfortable enough for you to make such photos a reality.

  1. Have A Professional Makeup Artist On Standby

Sometimes the pressure to do make up for a shoot can make even the most confident women freeze. Therefore, you should always have a professional makeup artist on speed dial or you should just call them to your studio to give your client the best look before you begin shooting.

  1. Advice Clients To Buy Or To Come With The Outfits They Are Most Comfortable In

Most boudoir shoots are done in lingerie. Ask your client to come with the undergarments that she is most comfortable in. Otherwise, you will only be able to try shoots in the nude, which most women are not comfortable with.

  1. Prepare Accordingly

The camera is obviously the most important thing for all types of photography. So make sure you’ve got your shooter and it is working as expected.

Apart from the camera, make sure your lighting equipment and all other gear are ready for the job ahead. Most importantly, if you don’t have one yet, make sure you get a proper photo-editing software.

The images you capture are just the beginning, you will need proper photography software to make sure the end images are perfect.

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Boudoir photography is all about shooting intimate and sensual images. Women book such photo sessions to look good, to create wedding gifts, to celebrate significant milestones, or just for fun.

As a photographer, you must fully understand boudoir photography, discuss extensively with the client about their objectives for the shoot, and prepare adequately to create the best boudoir photographs.

Remember, your camera alone and your other photography hardware are not enough; you also need a proper photo editor for the perfect images.